How you can benefit from Business Dashboard Development

Better decision making with a dashboard developed for your needs. Regardless of the size of your business, you produce or manipulate vast amounts of data. Whether that regards your sales month-on-month, inventory, customer churn, real-time insight optimise your workflow and help you make decisions faster.

Receive Information To Act Upon

Identify Patterns And Connections

Increase Productivity And Engagement

How we can help you​

We help businesses like yours make the most of their data by displaying them in readable formats. By analysing your requirements we will create the right visualisations to display summary data intelligently. You will be able to see patterns and connections otherwise impossible to identify by looking at a table, spreadsheet or, let’s face it, lots of handwritten notes. The Blue Tea Control Centre can connect to any data source be it a CRM system, internal databases or external data-sources.

Some Of Our Recent Business Dashboard Development Projects Include:

  • Customer Portals

  • Bi Dashboards

  • Sales Analysis

  • Heat Maps

  • Financial Analysis

  • Customer Dashboards

  • Connect To Salesforce

  • Company Vitals

  • Technology Monitoring

Let’s talk about your business dashboard needs.

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