How you can benefit from Software Modernisation & Migration

Legacy or aging software systems run many critical business applications. Frequently these systems are locked into installed software and only available in the office. We make your legacy software accessible, mobile and robust.

Incorporate New Processes

Connect To Other Systems

Add New Features Easily


Profit From Mobile Ready Architecture

Rely On
Real-time Backup

How we can help you​

In the process of software modernisation we take the core business logic in existing software systems and translate it into a modern and secure platform. All the features you had are maintained, extra features can be added such as mobile accessibility and real-time backup while ensuring a reliable maintained future.

Software migration from Blue Tea is a safe, secure way to ensure critical business applications remain up and security is maintained. We can work with any software and bring it up to date.

Some Of Our Recent Software Modernisation Projects Include:

  • Access DB: Web & Mobile app for a gym group

  • Engineer Booking System web front end & server overhaul

  • Fleet Management System frontend update & companion Mobile App

Latest Blue Tea Projects

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