Implementing custom software solutions requires business justification in terms of: 

  • What business objectives do we want to meet with a new custom tool? 
  • What is the operational challenge that it will solve? 
  • Is the business case for such a change measurable? 

To understand and answer these key questions, we at Blue Tea prefer to start engaging with you, our client, in a structured and detailed Business Analysis Workshop. 

What is a Business Analysis Workshop?

This workshop enables Blue Tea to understand your business objectives, existing business processes and to provide you with a software development blueprint.  

A business analysis workshop helps us solve problems through the analysis of existing client operations and workflows. It details the current state of business processes and the methods to action various deliverables. The aim is to deliver a blueprint of future state business processes that resolve inefficiencies, improve collaboration in team communications and provide a better and more innovative way of running day-to-day operations.   

Step 1: Stakeholder Interviews

We schedule time with key stakeholders within the company that requires change. What we want to get out of these interviews is: 

  • Understanding the organisational chart, roles and responsibilities of team members 
  • Listening to perceived opinions of current state workflows 
  • Detail existing business processes that lead to positive and negative outcomes 
  • Listing manual touchpoints, duration of those touchpoints and responsibility costs.  

Stakeholder interviews provide real-world scenarios and capture complex challenges. The output is a deeper understanding of how processes have developed and the intricate procedures that have evolved during the business lifecycle.  

Step 2: Business Process Blueprints

As a next step we will analyse all the gathered information and produce a series of step-by-step flowcharts showing the current state workflows. These flowcharts detail input activity, business logic and output activity. We list manual processes and activity touchpoints that form logic based on flows. The simple process of a visual chart enables stakeholders to review existing steps to procedures and tasks questioning repetitive and change behaviour.   

The outcome of these charts makes it possible for Blue Tea to integrate automation or other custom software solutions to simplify your business processes. We all have a future state that provides significant competitive advantage.   

Step 3: Technical solution blueprint

As a final step of the business analysis workshop, we will provide you with a blueprint that forms your company vision, requirements for a bespoke solution and the core elements including:  

– Technology: The technology used is the foundation for the custom software development project. We will advise suitable technologies to include in your primary stack based on your unique business nuances. We also consider ongoing maintenance and military-grade security.  

  • Project scope including wireframes, timeline to delivery and cost estimates. 

The project scope defines how we plan, resource, design, develop and test a bespoke system. Our project managers are empathetic with client communications ensuring clients understand the complexities of custom software and integrations. Blue Tea projects adopt Agile development methodology and clients need a basic understanding of this approach to enhance swift project delivery. 

Wireframes are static black-and-white designs that detail information hierarchy and user journey content of a software solution. They form a usability map, placing key business decisions and logic that enables the software interactions.  

Finally, a cost estimate can be produced allowing us to predict a realistic budget. We will be able to assign project resources, making sure the custom software development project is delivered on time and within budget.   

What does a Business Analysis Workshop cost?

We ask for a flat daily rate to execute the stakeholder interviews and to create process maps, solution wireframes and blueprint cost proposal. Regardless of the length of a Business Analysis Workshop, if you choose Blue Tea as your software development partner after the workshop is complete, we will fully reimburse its cost upon project kick-off. To find out more details, contact us!