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The digital transformation of the Healthcare industry has granted numerous benefits for its specific businesses and customers. Becoming more confident in the world of digital, the entire medical segment has managed to adopt the latest online trends.

Blue Tea will guide you through this world and will aid you to become a leading figure in the Healthcare sector. Our team will provide you with enterprise-ready digital tools and IT services. These bespoke solutions will not only solve your digital needs but will also provide you with solutions for your entire business system.


Become engaged with one of the biggest business ecosystems in the world


Provide new solutions for the Healthcare industry


Bring together specialists from different fields


Expand your network of partners and clients


Find new business fields to step into


Contribute to lifesaving technologies and services


Blockchain Healthcare Solutions

Blockchain is the digital database of a certain type of information. Shared on a network of devices, this system allows safe data exchange without the need of third-party participants. Within the healthcare industries, blockchain technologies have proven to be an effective tool for protecting data, improving the accuracy of medical information and an overall reduction of time and funds.

Reduce time and funds spent on business processes

  • Еliminate the need for a middleman in any business process
  • Reduce costs by removing third-party services and documentation procedures
  • Reduce the need for multiple ledgers and reduces clutter

Provide accurate, reliable and quickly accessible database for all parties

  • All network participants share the same documentation and data information
  • Transactions and data exchange processes are completed faster and more efficiently
  • Benefit from efficient and transparent data traceability and prevent frauds
  • Rely on everlasting data storage capabilities

Ensure advanced digital protection

  • Add different types of data to blocks that cannot be altered or deleted
  • Track and have control over how the medical data gets used and shared
  • Easily detect unauthorised access and information amendment
  • Easily track transaction history
  • Quickly verify and authorise information within the contractual procedure
  • Rely on a digital database which is not dependent on any outside party

Enhance clinical research processes and results

  • Benefit from a fast, easy and transparent way of obtaining and sharing large quantities of research data
  • Automate a vast number of technical processes

Connect patients with healthcare specialists

  • Patients can benefit from coordinated healthcare and reduce delayed diagnoses and inappropriate treatment
  • Healthcare specialists can directly interact with patients and ensure proper treatment
  • Secure communication, real-time treatment monitoring and aggregated data

Secure better health outcomes for patients

  • Schedule medical appointments in a quick and easy manner
  • Ensure monitoring medication compliance
  • Provide feedback on health progress.

Virtual Reality for Healthcare

Becoming more important for medical services, VR technologies are here to stay. With numerous applications for the healthcare industries, Virtual Reality tools offer contemporary solutions to a vast list of medical conditions and perplexing situations. Such include planning complicated surgical procedures, healing chronic medical conditions, predict future medical complications, honing doctors’ skills and much more.

Virtually engage customers and patients

  • Provide a detailed and vivid overview of your services and products via VR images
  • Ensure user-friendly information gathering for your clients and patients
  • Provide customers with virtual product-testing features

Get a better understanding of your customers’ needs

  • Provide your customers with captivating new ways of giving feedback
  • Prompt your clients and patients to give more detailed and honest feedback

Present new kind of medical training

  • Implement VR and simulate advanced real-world environment for training purposes
  • Develop medical skills of young specialists in save and reliable manner
  • Enhance theoretical tuition with advanced visual technologies

Provide timely and precise diagnosis

  • Provide better visualisation and delve into the smallest details of the medical issue
  • Prevent human errors by benefitting from high-quality images and enhanced control during medical procedures
  • Train specialists with contemporary VR technologies to ensure a more precise and timely diagnosis in all cases

Offer new ways of treatment

  • Reduce patient anxiety by implementing VR technologies in the medical procedure
  • Ensure psychological relief for patients
  • Speed up the recovery processes by using bespoke VR processes

Healthcare wearables

Recently the healthcare digital Apps not only became prevalent among the tech-savvy but also are more advanced and precise in their technical performance. The scalable trend has even attracted specialists from different fields of medicine – surgeons, physicians, psychiatrists and more. The reason is that contemporary devices have great potential for incorporating more advanced and precise medical interventions merely by using wearables.

Gather more information for patients and doctors

  • Patients can share the gathered medical data with doctors in a quick and simple manner
  • Doctors can use such data for general medical visits or for particular diagnostical procedures
  • Patients physicians can quickly acquire medical data

Provide virtual doctor’s visits

  • Medics can check on virtually without travelling or visiting a physical office
  • Doctor and patients can save time and funds by exchanging information via wearables

Provide remote health monitoring

  • Doctors can make health examinations and benefit from the clinical-standard quality of contemporary Apps
  • Physicians can examine a vast number of patients at the same time and can take measures on the spot
  • Physicians can examine a vast number of patients at the same time and can take measures on the spot

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