custom software solutions for real assets investment management

The core value you bring to the table for customers, partners and the wider stakeholder ecosystem, lies in being the successful middleman between managing funds, property development projects and selling those at profit. Blue Tea enables you and every stream of your business model to bring that value across. We develop mobile and web applications specific to your business – from back-stage processes to customer-facing operations, we can do it all. We will work to understand your specific requirements even better and deliver applications to meet all of them. Below you can discover how we understand your business operations and the way our custom software services can be used to optimise every stream of value-adding capabilities.

the real assets investment management business model

Key Partners

Your key partners are:

  • Investors
  • Bankers
  • Local Government
  • Land Owners
  • Specialist Resources (Surveyors, Architects, Construction)
  • Technology Partners

Blue Tea develops bespoke software solutions to improve partnership management for Real Assets Investment Management companies.

1. Investors, Bankers and Lenders: Custom-built technologies by Blue Tea will enhance the clarity and efficiency of financial communications and transactions, aiding investment management and decision-making processes.

2. Local Government and Regulatory Bodies: Our custom solutions will streamline the application and compliance processes, making it easier to manage certifications and building regulations.

3. Specialist Resources and Legal Partners: Our software facilitates better collaboration with essential partners such as surveyors, architects and legal professionals by improving access to necessary, updated information.

4. Technology Partners: We build integrative solutions compatible with various technology platforms, improving overall system coherence and operational efficiency.

5. Land Owners and Construction Labour: Custom solutions will improve communication channels, ensuring that updates and essential information are effectively relayed between all parties.

Here’s how we can assist in making sure your resources and activities are aligned for business success:

1. Financial Management: We can build systems to manage and oversee various financial aspects such as budget allocation and monitoring, ensuring accurate and efficient financial operations.

2. Project Management and Monitoring: We deliver tools to assist in managing construction projects, helping ensure that they run according to plan and budget, improving overall operational efficiency.

3. Reporting and Analytics: Our solutions aim to improve the reporting process, capturing accurate data and supporting more complex analytical processes like forecasting.

4. Supplier and Resource Management: We develop tools to help manage suppliers and resources effectively, enabling projects to adapt to unexpected changes and maintain continuity.

5. Workflow Optimisation: Our custom software can improve workflow processes, ensuring activities like approval and compliance checks are conducted efficiently.

6. Strategic Planning and Decision Making: We create applications that support decision-making and planning, helping evaluate and improve project performance and aiding future project planning and execution.

Each solution is developed in collaboration with our clients, ensuring it meets the specific needs and challenges resulting from real assets investment management activities.

Key Activities

Your Key Activities are:

  • Raise funding
  • Manage the construction process
  • Handle flow of money in/out efficiently
  • Arrange sales

Key Resources

Your Key Resources are:

  • Financial
  • Human
  • Intellectual
  • Digital

Value Propositions

You create value by:

  • Allow for larger/complex projects to be achieved through working with multiple stakeholders
  • Ensure development stays on target (money and time)
  • Reduce risk from development failing overall – underpinned by certifications such as ISO9001 (Quality) or ISO27001 (ISMS)
  • Enable visibility, communication, and good return on investment (for investors/lenders)
  • Stimulate economy through supply of newbuilds (see: economical, societal, environmental benefits)
  • Benefit the environment through eco-friendly development and use of modern construction technology

Blue Tea’s custom software solutions play a crucial role in bolstering the value propositions of a Real Assets Investment Management company by enabling a set of core functions:

  1. Handling Larger and More Complex Projects: Through the deployment of collaborative tools and centralised systems, Blue Tea’s technology will allow you to scale up operations. It makes it possible to bring various stakeholders together on a unified platform, facilitating coordination and enhancing efficiency, which is critical for managing larger and complex projects.
  2. Keeping Development on Target: Real-time monitoring tools and advanced analytics can signal early warnings for projects deviating from their targets in terms of time and budget. Interactive Gantt charts and dashboard updates provide continuous oversight, helping to keep the development process on schedule and within financial constraints.
  3. Risk Reduction: By implementing systems that closely track project variables and risks, Blue Tea will help you to minimise the likelihood of development failures. This proactive risk management is further supported by adherence to quality and information security standards such as ISO9001 and ISO27001.
  4. Enhanced Visibility and Communication: Investors and lenders benefit from a transparent view of project progress and risks, improving communication channels. This transparency, facilitated by our custom software, enables a better ROI by providing stakeholders with the information they need to make informed decisions.
  5. Environmental Responsibility: Custom software applications will make the incorporation of eco-friendly development and construction practices easier.

Featured Client

Blue Tea’s custom software solutions can support the customer relationships and channels of a Real Assets Investment Management company in several ways:

  1. For Investors and Estate Agents a custom platform can provide comprehensive updates, manage risks, streamline processes and automate the creation of marketing materials like brochures with images, specs and footage. It can also track sales performances such as asking prices achieved and reflect these in other areas to foster loyalty and trust.
  2. For Landowners and End Buyers Blue Tea can create systems for direct marketing to end buyers, increasing their confidence in the real assets investment firm and potentially providing personal assistance to foster relationships with significant landowners.
  3. Enabling Communication Channels:  A well-built custom platform can enable updates for investors, showing progress through Gantt charts and regular updates. This digital approach encourages repeat business by ensuring investors are well-informed and trust you. Online platforms can facilitate the exchange of funds and provide marketing outreach to potential new investors, offering a modern and efficient way to raise capital.
  4. Optimising Distribution and Sales Channels: We can integrate or develop a sales platform to list and sell units, facilitating transactions in an online environment. For significant transactions like land acquisition, personalised in-person sales approaches can also be supported by custom software.
  5. Enabling Service Channels with Digital and In-Person Support: A combination of digital (help desk, FAQs, online forms) and in-person channels (site visits, meetings) can be set up to support stakeholders like investors, landowners and estate agents. A custom software application can manage these service channels efficiently, ensuring that all support resources are accessible and effective.

Customers & Channels

Your Customer Relationships are:

  • Primarily Longer-term with investors, estate agents
  • Transactional for end-buyers and land owners

Your Key Channels are:

  • Communication channels primarily digital
  • Distribution/Sales channels primarily online marketplaces
  • Other Sales channels through marketing, in-person sales
  • Service channels usually digital and in person

Your Customer Segments are:

  • ​​Land Owners​
  • Investors​
  • End-buyers​
  • Estate agents

Cost Structure

Your costs include:

Fixed costs:

  • Salaries
  • Benefits
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Bespoke and off-shelf software
  • Marketing/advertising

Variable costs:

  • Sales Commissions
  • Outsourcing costs
  • Property permits
  • Interest payments
  • Consultancy fees
  • Distribution

Blue Tea’s custom software solutions can significantly optimise the cost structure of your Real Assets Investment Management company by targeting both fixed and variable costs:

Optimising Fixed Costs:

  • Streamlining Internal Processes: Blue Tea can develop tools that make internal teams such as analysts, data scientists and IT support work more efficiently, potentially reducing the headcount or the hours needed to complete tasks. This includes automation of repetitive tasks and the creation of bespoke tools that align exactly with the company’s processes.
  • Remote and On-Site Working Solutions: By enabling effective remote working through collaborative platforms, the need for physical office space and associated utilities can be reduced. Additionally, these solutions can facilitate on-site reporting, directly linking field data to central offices for immediate action and decision-making.
  • Decision Support Systems: The creation of decision-aiding tools can help streamline the decision-making process, reducing the time and potential cost associated with indecision or delayed responses.

Reducing Variable Costs:

  • Outsourced Entity Management: By standardising reporting from outsourced parties such as property developers and quantity surveyors through a centralised platform, you can reduce the time and effort spent on reviewing disparate reports, thereby cutting back on the costs associated with managing these external relationships.
  • Automated Reporting: Automated reporting and RAG (Red, Amber, Green) status updates from a bespoke platform can improve oversight on projects and reduce the manual effort required in generating and analysing reports.
  • Integrated Marketing and Distribution: Automating and integrating marketing activities, as well as streamlining distribution channels through connections with property portals, can reduce the costs associated with these functions.

Here are a few examples of how custom software can enhance your revenue streams:

1. Custom Visibility Tools allow precise monitoring of project costs and timelines, giving you the ability to closely track and control developer expenses, ensuring these remain within the projected budget.

2. Tailored Process Streamlining: We will design and build a system that reflects your specific operational workflows of the client, ensuring that the management of property developers and quantity surveyors is tightly integrated and monitored, reducing operational overheads while safeguarding project quality.

3. Enhanced Cost Control: By creating bespoke tracking features within the software, Blue Tea equips you with the capacity to oversee all cost-related aspects of development, eliminating any unnecessary financial additions and ensuring that costs are fully transparent and justifiable.

4. Support for Dynamic Pricing: While not the main focus, a custom software application can include dynamic pricing modules, helping you to align list prices with real-time market data and your own cost metrics.

5. Tailoring to Revenue Streams:  Whether it’s providing tools for investors to track returns, enabling end-buyers to find value in the properties or facilitating asset sales, our custom solution will align with your financial strategies.

Revenue Streams

Your revenue streams are:

  • Investors (retail, banks/lenders) willing to pay for higher returns and value generated​
  • End-buyers willing to pay for either value add (i.e. well-priced properties) or premium offering (high-end properties), or ideally both
  • Revenue types are: Asset sales (list price based on size/finish), Lending, Brokerage fees

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