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Business Automation replaces manual processes with intelligent technology to streamline productivity, improve customer service and job satisfaction as well as to enable efficiency and costs tracking. You can automate various workflows within the organisation to speed them up and to reduce manual errors. There are a few key factors according to which you can identify a process for automation – it should require organisation-wide consistency, it should be repeatable and error-free all the time. At Blue Tea, we think that each business has the potential for automation and that it is always applicable to more than one business process. Examples include:

  • Human resources and recruitment automation
  • Marketing and sales automation
  • Purchasing and accounts payable automation
  • Accounting and auditing process automation
  • Customer support automation
  • Management and reporting automation

We believe that business automation relies on three main drivers:

  • The human driver – how to get the best out of employees’ skills and human resources  
  • The process driver – how to optimise the value production chain
  • The information systems driver– how to support processes through an effective information system

Here is how you can steer positive change through business automation:


Enhance customer experiences through personalising messages and offers


Save costs and reduce risks by replacing manual effort


Gain competitive advantage through real-time reporting


End-to-end visibility/transparency


Make better and effective decisions based on data


Use resources well


Assured quality and consistency


Market compliance


Improve operational efficiency and profitability

Services / How we can help you

We take a business centred holistic approach to all development. Our team work to understand the business entirely, become experts in it and then apply industry knowledge and know how to create digital solutions that work for you.

  • Requirements Analysis

  • Technical Review

  • Future Proofing

  • Solution Design & Technical Specification

  • Collaborative Prototyping

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Business Solutions

Blue Tea team will closely examine your case and will offer a comprehensive and highly customised digital solution. Our specialists will find the source of the issue and will offer a suitable improvement for your infrastructure.


Industry Solutions

Our team will guide you through the digital world and will offer you the best of it. Blue Tea has been involved in numerous projects throughout the years and has retained its reputation as a reliable and devoted business partner.


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