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industry solutions / benefits

Blue Tea has gained holistic experience in three major business fields and can provide you with bespoke solutions and custom services for each one. Our specialists can tailor a digital platform that perfectly suits your needs and will give you extensive advice on how to get the best out of it.


Expand your business system


Explore new business fields


Extend your network of partners and clients


Become a part of a world-wide business ecosystem


Provide a class-leading service/product


Contribute to the digitalisation of an entire industry

INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS / services we offer


The ever-evolving world of health services has undergone an extensive digitalisation. Benefiting from contemporary software solutions, the Healthcare industry seeks ways of adopting new and more advanced digital tools.

Blue Tea can help you craft the right one for your needs and ensure industry-leading performance.

Provide a bespoke digital solutions

Extend your digital portfolio with new products

Open new monetisation streams


The contemporary retail industry encompasses millions of professionals and a broad range of businesses. Being known for its fast-paced evolution, the world of retail is confidently adopting new digital solutions and looks forward towards the latest IT trends.

Blue Tea offers a wide range of services that can expand the customer network of retailers as well as connect businesses within the industry-specific business ecosystem.

Provide rewarding digital experience for your customers

Expand your connections with clients and businesses

Find new streams of marketing your products


An advanced and well-crafted budget managing App can not only contribute to more efficient spending but can also drive people closer to their long-term goals. However, choosing the right finance tool for one’s personal needs can be quite tricky – the right choice depends on whether customers wish to track incomes, spendings or investment portfolio changes.

Blue Tea can offer extended consultation on what your business would benefit the most from and provide a well-tailored and functional App with numerous satisfactory features

Provide bespoke software platform for your clients

Ensure reliable performance with elegant and simple interface

Benefit from new ways of marketing your products and services

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