Solve your business challenges with bespoke software solutions.

Software development / benefits

Solving business challenges with well designed, functional and flexible software sits at the core of everything we do at Blue Tea. Whether you are looking to improve communication with clients or staff, increase sales, or streamline internal processes, we will work with you to understand your business processes and deliver against your requirements.


Become more efficient and productive


Automate and incorporate new processes


Optimise the communication flow


Improve turnaround times


Retrieve information more quickly


Distribute data more quickly

Software development SERVICES WE OFFER

Web App

Blue Tea’s vast technical experience allows us to craft industry-specific Apps with enterprise-class quality. Our specialist will outline the concept, craft and maintain a customised web App that will not only serve as a handy instrument for your digital campaigns but also as a solution for your business needs. Blue Tea takes pride in supporting industry leaders by offering them bespoke digital solutions.

Stimulate the digital transformation

Reach wider audiences

Automate business processes

Create new streams of income

Expand your digital ecosystem

Enhance marketing campaigns

Mobile App Development

Dedicated mobile Apps solve a whole host of business challenges that the web-based applications may not be suitable for. Since mobile Apps have become one of the most popular forms of digital interaction, many businesses are considering integrating such digital solutions into their marketing strategies and business portfolio.

Engage with your customers

Make business scalable

Develop a new digital product

Open new monetisation streams

Take decisions driven by customer needs

Integrate as a part of an interactive marketing campaign

Back-end & API Development

APIs, allowing control and communication between two or more systems, are vital to connecting different devices within a single infrastructure. Increasingly, business leaders are also looking at bespoke software solutions as a means towards the optimisation of the Back-End processes. Well-integrated Back-End string of codes and API systems ensure a smoother information distribution across all departments and a reliable high-end digital infrastructure. Such systems allow fast and safe storage, along with quick access to important project data.

Reduce time and funds you spend on your back-office applications

Provide more streams of information for staff and customers

Fit any project into the existing wider technology infrastructure of your company

Optimise the internal communication process

Use a custom solution for your business needs

Eliminate bottlenecks

Hardware Integration

Blue Tea team consults on the development of API infrastructures which allow the connection and data exchange between two or more hardware units. Our solutions ensure the connected devices perform in a seamless manner as with each other, so with third-party units.

Add new features easily

Add/remove devices quickly and seamlessly

Ensure more efficient data exchange

Rely on a bespoke infrastructure solution

Incorporate new processes

Benefit from a well-integrated infrastructure

Software Testing / QA

Our bespoke software solutions are tailored to meet your expectations and support your growth. From developing a new product to automating your business processes, there are no limits to how software testing can be beneficial for you. Make sure to use our free IT consultations – our specialists can guide you better towards ensuring optimal security for your digital platforms.

Optimise the performance of your digital products

Improve security

Provide seamless user experience

Test your digital idea with a prototype

Benefit from custom consultation with Blue Tea experts

Rely on real-time maintenance services

Security Penetration

All of BlueTea’s bespoke software platforms undergo a penetration testing procedure. These examinations ensure the digital tools we craft feature an effective defence both from malicious software and hacker penetrations. Constantly being upgraded and revised, these flexible measures give additional layers of safety within the digital solutions we offer.

Add numerous layers of safety features

Become more confident with the execution of the final product

Use a custom security system for your business needs

Develop a reliable digital product

Rely on a real-time backup

Enhance the protection of personal data

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