R;pple Suicide Prevention

Blue Tea led the technological development of R;pple,
the first browser extension that blocks suicide-related content
and offers instant support options to those in crisis.



Blue Tea built a comprehensive web-based behavioural psychology
assessment platform for the University of Surrey. Find out more here.


Project Equine:

Harnessing ECGs to Champion
the Health of Racing Horses


Manage Places

Manage Places is a SaaS project management platform for companies in the
construction and property development sector. Starting from the ground up,
Blue Tea built Manage Places with the involvement of the platform’s owners
and by heavily relying on user feedback.


Recruitment Agency

The client is a leading UK-based recruitment agency,
specialises in technical recruitment. With years of expertise under their belt,
they had accumulated various ideas on an ideal system tailored for their needs.


A Game of Numbers

World in Motion is one of the UK’s foremost sports management companies,
with a reputation for both professional excellence and integrity.
Blue Tea developed the exclusive App that connects players, managers
and agents in seamless manner. Every piece of required information is in one place.


Saving Patient Lives

“Entoli Medical Control” is an OR Control
Platform that enables clinicians quick and easy
setup before procedures and a simple touch interface
for control during surgery.


Modernising Pension Schemes

AVC Wise facilitates a salary sacrifice Shared Cost AVC scheme
that gives you the opportunity to pay AVCs in a cost-effective way.
The personalised digital system that Blue Tea developed offers data
storage to employers and employees, as well as pension schemes
and documentation management and storage options.


Base Soccer

Base Soccer (now CAA Base) is the agency for professional footballers
dedicated to the ongoing development and management of their careers.
Base Soccer approached Blue Tea to develop a web-based central database
of football clubs & their player requirements.

Case Studies

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