How you can benefit from Cloud Service Deployment

Software systems, business applications and mobile apps all rely on back-end systems to serve data and provide administration functions.

  • Monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days per year

  • Guarantee 99.94% uptime

  • Fast Connection (100Gb over Tier 1 providers)

  • Sub millisecond links (to major cities in region)

  • Fast uncontended links (to POP’s globally)

  • Own IPV4 Network

  • Heating & Cooling redundant N+1

  • Power HV redundant 2N

  • Power LV redundant N+1

  • Real-time backups & data protection

How we can help you

Systems developed by us are deployed to the Tea Cloud, a cluster of high availability servers located in London, Ireland, Tokyo as well as Eastern and Western U.S. Using advanced load balancing (at transport and application levels), the Tea Cloud is ready to serve data, web pages and mobile Apps quickly, efficiently and securely.

With the ability to site data in each of these locations for regulatory compliance, as well as other regions by prior arrangement, the Tea Cloud is the perfect home for fast software applications.

Some Of Our Recent Cloud Service Deployment Projects Include:

  • Cluster Of Analytics Platforms For Business Intelligence (insurance Brokerage)

  • Deployment Of Large-scale Solution For Local Governments, Used Across The UΚ

  • Recruitment Platform, Allowing Various Agent Roles (users In 11 Countries)

  • Sports Events Management & Data Analytics Application (accessed Worldwide, Integration With External Systems)