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Mobile Development for Business

Blue Tea develop mobile applications for all major mobile platforms and specialise in Apps for business.

We Develop from our London base and strive to produce quality intuitive mobile Apps for UK and Global businesses.

To get App developers in the UK and experienced project managers, Blue Tea is your ideal iPhone, Android or Windows phone partner.

Apps for iPhone, Android, and WIndows

Mobile App Development London. Apps for iPhone and more.

Today’s successful businesses use mobile Apps that run seamlessly across platforms.

Blue Tea work with Apple iPhone Apps, Google Android Apps and Microsoft to develop world-class applications that run in the underlying language of each device. This means they are fast and they are robust. Native Apps handle data directly and they are at less risk of security flaws. That’s a really good thing.

We use the same methodology in developing mobile Apps as for more traditional applications so your project will be delivered on time and at a fixed cost.

Whether you are based in London or somewhere else in the UK (or anywhere in the world, we’re not fussy) Blue Tea Agile Development can help your business.

Choose more than just an App agency, choose the best App developer in the UK.

Mobile Apps, Built in London, UK

App Development – Cross Platform Flexibility

iPhone and iPad UK IOS App developers

iPhone and IOS applications designed and built in London, UK

The best Android developers in the UK work for Blue Tea

Android Apps developed in the UK

Microsoft mobile App developers. Use the best app developers for Microsoft in London

Windows Phone Apps built in London, UK

Cross platform Windows 10 Apps from experienced mobile App developers in the UK

Windows 10 Business applications designed and built in London, UK

Not all Apps are created equal

App running on mobile, desktop and laptop

Mobile applications are very often developed using slow frameworks or ported (copied or translated) from another kind of device badly. Blue Tea ensure applications run smoothly by looking at the target device, developing the application in such a way that it will work on all screen sizes and all handsets of an operating system.

Some applications can be as simple as a mobile view of your existing Web application but with the added advantage of being able to save user login information or other data securely. A mobile application needn’t be an extensive, expensive project.

Blue Tea London are your choice of software development partner for App development projects in London, the UK or Europe

Specialists in IOS apps, Android apps, Windows Apps, data analytics, and all underlying technologies used in mobile App development.

What should I budget for a Mobile Application?

Mobile App building can be a complicated business. By understanding exactly what you want to achieve, as part of our consultancy process we ensure what we specify and build is exactly what you need, nothing more.

Unnecessary wastage is overcome with efficient management and agile development methods – we don’t waste your money or time.

Some projects are more complicated than others and need extensive ‘back end’ service to make them work. For a simple web connected App that needs limited back end development budgetary figures should start at £7,000 per platform.

Contact us for a full consultation.

Will you build an App for free, if it’s a really good idea?

We get lots of requests to build the next great App and are frequently propositioned with a sweat equity or equity split proposal in return for development.

We don’t rule anything out however unless the proposal arrives with a business plan it won’t be looked into. Contact us with a robust business plan and at the very least get an opinion on the feasibility.

Where do you work?

Blue Tea have offices in London and Egham and we work for businesses across the UK and Europe. We work for both large and small organisations. Our developers are UK based and we occasionally call on skilled developers from further afield when the need arises.

We believe in the right tools for the job and recently employed experts in pattern recognition to help our team who were located in south America and India. The weekly video calls were great for us over lunch, no so much for them!

The collaboration tools available mean that geographic distance is now longer a barrier to business – Blue Tea use the latest HD video conference facilities and simple to use project management tools to communicate with clients meaning you are never distanced from your project.