How You Can Benefit From Solution Design

Initiating a software project can seem like a daunting task. Even establishing what your business wants can be difficult, when there are competing voices in the mix. The objective of the solution design phase is to create a specification for the system/product, to have simple wireframes and to hone the direction of development.

The Product/System has been defined, and Specification generated

Central Requirements To The Business Case Are Highlighted

Relevant Stakeholders Are Looped In

Produce accurate project costs and timeline

How we can help you

Solution design is a “pre-specification” phase where we work with you through initial requirements, and then on a MoSCoW methodology (Must, Should, Could, Won’t) to refine what your optimal solution should consist of and in what order features should be built in, for fast delivery.

Some Of Our Recent Solution Design Projects Include:

  • Platform for turnkey management of LGPS (Local Government Pension Schemes)

  • Mobile Apps utilising NFC and Bluetooth used to program, maintain and service hundreds of industrial devices (such as Power Supply Units)

  • Controller Apps and secure failover systems for any device in the Operating Theatre - eliminating cables, reducing risk of accident, and optimising efficiency in high-stress environments