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In 2020, creating a mobile application is simpler than ever. App development is no longer reserved only for Tech companies with millions in investment backing them. Any business can create an App without spending an absurd amount of money. The question that businesses should be asking is not whether they can have an App because they definitely can, but rather why would they need an App? In this article, we will go over the two main reasons any business can benefit from an App regardless of their industry.

Customer Engagement and Retention

Re-engaging your customers with the help of а mobile App is very easy. Once users have downloaded your application, they will be able to stay in touch with your business. 

Your customers will no longer need to remember website links, usernames, and there is no need to regularly check your website and social media to stay up to date. They’ll be instantly notified about anything you do (e.g. through push notifications). This means that it will be easy for them to discover more of your services and products.

Re-engaging someone who has visited your website can be very difficult. You need an intricate system of tracking visits, analytics and reporting, and a sturdy back-end that connects everything. Even if that is implemented and working properly, there is still one drawback. Users who visit your website have to take more actions to allow re-engagement as opposed to users who use a mobile App.

When someone visits your website, they need to either subscribe to your newsletter, allow notifications from your website, and optionally follow you on social media. In most cases, they won’t perform all these steps, meaning you will likely miss out on potential after-sales engagement or repeat sales.

An App user only needs to download your App and enter a few details about them. After that, you can easily send them emails, reminders, promos, text messages, or even call them directly based on their communication preferences.

Easy personalisation

If your business is still trying to reach customers by casting the widest net possible and then hoping that someone engages with your offers then you are doing something wrong. 

According to Forbes, every digital marketing expert agrees that more personalised offers drive more sales.

Virtually all (96%) marketers agree that personalisation advances customer relationships. Eighty-eight percent say they’ve realised a measurable lift in business results from their personalisation campaigns
 Source: Recommended Just For You: The Power Of Personalisation by Forbes

To enable high levels of personalisation you need information about your customer. The more information you have about a client, the easier it becomes to learn about their needs and requirements. When you know exactly what a user needs it’s very easy to create a personalised offer that speaks to them and has a high chance to result in a sale. A mobile App will enable you to have a steady flow of information about your users. This will allow you to segment your users according to their habits and preferences.

Once you have the perfect offer, you can reliably reach your customers since a mobile Application can provide a unique experience to every user. Different users of your application can all have unique experiences and see different offers as opposed to a website where you have to guide the visitor to specific pages with the help of sub-channels like organic, social media, or email.

So if you are still not sure if you need an App, take our advice. Create a Mobile App and gain an edge for your business.