IT trends 2021

2020 caused a great deal of change in the technology industry, and IT in particular. It also completely reshaped the way that businesses use digital platforms. In order to facilitate growth in a challenging year, many organisations accelerated their digital transformation, others added online solutions to their array of tools, and then there were those who found new ways of using existing software.

Chances are that your business has also adopted digital solutions to remain competitive. If you hadn’t considered remote offices before, most probably your team is now using a digital workspace. If you were contemplating whether to invest in internal technologies, it is likely that the pandemic has made you do so. And if digitalisation wasn’t previously in your list of business objectives, most probably you are now already using digital tools and platforms.

We are sure that these processes will continue for the years to come, as new tech trends emerge and older ones will continue to change the face of the IT sector. So, in this article, we share with you the top 2021 trends – watch out for these!

Artificial Intelligence continues to reveal its vast capabilities

AI is still growing in popularity and people are still hyped about its possibilities. It is in the foundation of many useful ideas and projects – professional and business Apps are constantly benefiting from AI and gradually becoming more flexible, agile and capable. 

Contemporary AI projects are capable of answering the demands of many industries – healthcare, retail and finances, to name a few. What makes this technology so popular is that it offers flexibility, speed in processing data. Other advantages include:

    • Efficiency. AI-powered systems are capable of processing data at quickly and with enhanced accuracy. This means that a task that usually requires hours to be completed can be done in mere seconds with the help of latest AI technologies. 
    • AI minimises mistakes. Unlike people, AI can’t experience a lack of focus, fatigue and so on. These capabilities make Artificial Intelligence quite appealing to businesses.
    • AI doesn’t need to rest. Unlike the human body, AI doesn’t get exhausted  – it can be active 24/7 all year round.
    • AI is capable of learning. Maybe the most notable feature about this technology is that it can “teach itself” how to gather information and adequately work with it. This means that with time different AI engines become more precise in their work.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The grid of connected devices, a.k.a. “things” is getting larger every single day. Moreover, communication between devices becomes faster and more effective due to the advancement of hardware and software technology. 

Businesses from different sectors have already realised the benefits of IoT. This is because new generations of IoT connections allow for enhanced cybersecurity, efficiency in cyber communication, and efficiently collecting data and analysing it. In fact, these are the core benefits of using the Internet of Things for business needs. Given that modern organisations deal with tons of information every day, such a trend will surely continue to gain popularity in 2021 and beyond. 

In fact, Statista claims that there will be about 50 billion devices communicating with each other by 2030. Additional technologies that will boost the spread of IoT are:


Already a fact, the fifth generation of Internet Protocol will continue to rise in popularity throughout 2021. Previous generations have prompted numerous technologies and have boosted the outcome of many great concepts. For example, 4G has enabled customers to use data-driven services, increased bandwidths for streaming services and much more. 

Now, 5G is expected not only to enhance such services but to completely change them. It will enable new generations of AR and VR technologies to enter the mass market, will enhance the capabilities of AI and Machine Learning, and will enable the application of revolutionary telecommunication services. 

Furthermore, the 5th gen protocol will enable the use of quick-response devices. These are used in many industries, for example, the autonomous vehicles niche. Or, a new kind of robots can quickly and effortlessly mimic the hand gestures and movements of a skilled surgeon. These are fields where delay in the signal speed can have fatal results. The good thing is that 5G networks will minimise the risk and will enhance the automation processes in any industry, luckily not only the Automobile and Healthcare ones.

Cyber security

Since new tech, connectivity and Internet speed are making some massive leaps forward in 2021, it is necessary that security remains a top priority. Along with the vast opportunities new generations of technology allow, developers and businesses think about securing their data and the data of their clients and partners. 

Unfortunately, hackers have no intention of giving up soon, so cybersecurity will remain a trending topic. In fact, it is estimated that by 2021, businesses will spend about $6 trillion for enhancing their internal online systems with the latest generations of security. Also, demand for specialists in this niche grows super fast, which means that in 2021 we will witness a further rise in the popularity of cybersecurity.

It seems that there will be much happening in 2021. In order to stay on top of the tech waves, you need a reliable partner who can show you the way forward and help you with the choice of the most suitable digital solution out there. Check out our services, the industries we specialise in and don’t hesitate to contact Blue Tea – we would love to guide you through the world of digital technologies!