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Bespoke Business Software - Productivity and Profit

We believe in business decisions driven by customer needs. With the advent of social media in both personal and professional spaces customers and clients can be looked after and responded to, rapidly and in many new ways.

Business Apps

Increasing your profits in a customer-driven world

Increasingly, business leaders are looking at bespoke business software as a means towards a competitive edge. This applies across your departments, from operations to sales and marketing. A truly integrated business application can bring together all departments to focus on one thing: your customer.

The Blue Team has vast experience not just in creating applications, but in building complete enterprise solutions. We are privileged to work with companies at the top of their game and with senior-level partnerships.

By gaining a holistic understanding of your business we eliminate bottlenecks, simplify your processes and reduce the time and money you spend in your back-office, in analysing customer behaviour and acting upon it.

Customer portals

Supplier portals & ERP connections

CRM integration

Secure client messaging

Automated reporting & billing

Customer connections via mobile Apps

Customer journeys

End-to-end marketing

Client data mining

(e.g. for recommendations)

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